Wednesday 26 November 2008

Pru Morrison

Pru is having an exhibition at Marks and Gardner Gallery from 29 November until 31 December. If you are going to be around Mount Tambourine please check it out! I love Pru's work!!!

Wednesday 19 November 2008

Time flies!

Time flies! At this time of year that word often dominates my conversations! And it often makes me nervous because I realise how quickly the year has gone. But I've got an exciting plan for the end of the year. Yes, I've got a ticket to Japan! I haven't been to Japan at New Years for a long time and I was missing it! And even more exciting is that we are taking our son to Japan and he will meet his Japanese Grandparents and great Grandma for the first time. I think he will be a very special New Years delivery!! 
And check out what the Little People have been up to...!

Saturday 4 October 2008

Coffee Time

Recently I went to GoMA & QAG With Mel and Ginny (link from Mel's blog) and had lovely coffee time at the outdoor cafe at the gallery. We didn't have enough time to look at the whole gallery but Mel wanted to show us some interesting work at GoMA - the image above is of one of them - it was indescribably strange!!
The people in the image are singing Michael Jackson's songs from Thriller at same time, but you can only hear their voices - no music - and they are all kind of sweaty and serious. I don't want to say too much about this work but if you go there, please check it out! I had fun!

Wednesday 10 September 2008

Catching up

Recently I've been making some objects and functional work to catch up on a bit of a break.  Almost 2 years ago I had a great six weeks in the ANU (The Australian national University) as a resident artist. I created some objects like those in the images, but I didn't have a chance to show the work in Australia. But now I'm working on a project and am making objects that developed from the work that I made at the ANU. When I'm finished, I'll show you the completed version!

Friday 1 August 2008

Oh baby!

My blog has been very slow lately - but that's not to say I've been lazy - I just had a lot of preparation for the new addition to our family.  On 21 July our little boy called Yuki came into our world. It has been so lovely and a little bit tiring! But we're getting used to our new life, and I'm now starting to get back to work! More on that soon.... 

Monday 7 July 2008

Formargruppen Cup Show

Looooong  time no write!
There's something interesting happening at a gallery called Formargruppen in Sweden now until 28 August. It's a functional cup exhibition and there are some great artists involved including Mel Robson, Virginia Jones and Karin Eriksson to name just a few.
If  you are in Sweden I think you should check it out!
You might also find my work there too! 

Monday 28 April 2008

Back from Japan!

Long time no write. Finally I finished tidying up my photos from Japan. I always take so many photos when I go on a trip - even when I go to my own country I become a tourist. These photos are from my exhibition - I'm very happy with the display! It's very white though. I met a few friends in Tokyo and some of my friend helped me prepare the exhibition - thanks a lot to my friends!!! And I met great friends from Brisbane including Kylie and we spent a lovely time in the afternoon around Aoyama and had a fantastic dinner! Thanks for coming to my exhibition!

Monday 24 March 2008

Little people...big bellies!

The adventures of the little people keep expanding...even their bellies are expanding! Check out Sandwich Mountain and Feffakoon for an update on the latest little people news! Actualy those big bellied little people are in Japan now!

Thursday 6 March 2008

Off to Japan!!

Recently I did a workshop for kids at GoMa. Kids are great! They were totally focussed and were very unique and very clever! I think they were much more clever than I was when I was their age. ha ha! They made some small cylinders and square boxes and they did their own decorations. I had a great time! Recently, I've been making a lot of pieces for the exhibition I have in Tokyo in April at a place called Spiral Market. I'm getting ready to send some of my work, but I still have some pieces that I have to fire so it's getting there! I'm heading to Japan's time to eat sushi and veges that grown by my grandma!

Tuesday 15 January 2008

collect 2008

Happy New Year! Already 1/24 of this year has gone...! This year I didn't have much of a new year holiday, but I've been making a lot of small functional pieces which has been very enjoyable. I think the end of the last year was more about paper work instead of producing work. But last year I made one tea set for COLLECT which is an international art fair at the V&A in London. And the exhibition is coming soon! If anyone is in London please check it out!