Tuesday 13 March 2007

Fun slabs

Since I came to Australia I've been using porcelain and mainly I do hand building with slabs. It's such a lovely process but it's also a bit tricky and takes a long time to make. Often I draw on the pieces with colour - sometimes just fine lines and sometimes landscapes. Recently I started to do slip casting. It is so interesting to try new things. Hopefully I can show you something later.

Saturday 10 March 2007


I went to an island not far from my house called Straddie. I had a great time! It's interesting to see the tide come and go. When I'm in the city, I never think about the tides, but staying by the bay, I watched the tides every day. If you only spend a little bit of time at the ocean, you don't notice the movements but if you spend a longer time there, it's really active. It was a great holiday and made me feel inspired to start making again. Enjoying nature is fun! Thank you Straddie and see you soon!!

Thursday 1 March 2007


February has gone already - that was so fast and it's not just because it was the shortest month of the year. In October 2004 I came to Australia and I started working at Fusions as artist in residence - that's where I met Mel Robson. Since then we have shared several studios including Southbank TAFE, Gateway TAFE and Sculptors Queensland. I have been supported by many great people along the way - especially Stephanie from Fusions, teachers from TAFE and Mark from Sculptors QLD. I am so grateful for their support. But most of these opportunities could not have happened if it wasn't for Mel. She is a top Aussie lady! But unfortunately it's time to now work from home, because there is no residency program to move on to. I was so lucky to have great studios and a great share mate. It was sad to leave. That is why I felt February 2007 was so fast. But I feel like something is coming in the near future. Also Mel and I have an exciting plan - We will do a collaborative project some time soon. More info coming up soon! ARIGATO!!!