Thursday 23 August 2007


I'm involved in group exhibition called Make Art Not War! The Gallery is called onetwentyeight in New York. It's on until 1 September so If anyone is around please check it out!! My friend Tomoko is also in that show. Her work is so lovely!! Thanks for looking after my work Tomoko!!

Monday 6 August 2007

Japan 2007

Long time no write! Actually I went to Japan for three weeks recently to see my family and friends. I had a great time! I enjoyed the food and "Onsens" (hot springs) and seeing nature and meeting with friends and family. It was "tsuyu"(rainy season) which literally means plum rain - sounds lovely doesn't it? While I was there, we had two typhoons but it wasn't too bad around Nara (next to Kyoto). So there were a lot of rainy days - which was kind of enjoyable and a bit unusual because I haven't seen the rain for a long time in Brisbane. But probably the local Japanese people were a bit sick of rain. Actually my friend said "can you take it to Brisbane?" It's a good idea but impossible. Anyway I would love to show you some of the photos from my trip. Stay tune!!