Tuesday, 24 April 2007

The Jug Show

Just a note to let you know about an exhibition I'm in at All Hand Made Gallery (a beautiful tiny space in Bronte) called The Jug Show from April 24 – May 22, 2007. The artists involved are Louise Boscacci, Gaye Collett, Liz Hardy, Patsy Hely, Keiko Matsui, Milton Moon, David Ray, Mel Robson, Steve Sheridan, Penny Smith, Toni Warburton, Kenji Uranishi (me!), Prue Venebles and Gerry Wedd. If you are around please check it out!!

Saturday, 21 April 2007

Sandwich Mountain

Recently I saw our little people at the coffee shop in the middle of the day! It's so funny - as soon as Mel put them down, the coffee shop became a huge landscape. It was surprising! Our little people in an everyday setting, suddenly made something really normal become really unusual! It's a human wonderland! Sandwiches became huge mountains. Instead of eating them, I think they wanted to climb them! Thanks for letting us play at the coffee shop Jacqui!


Recently I made some new pieces of furniture to keep everything tidy. It took a long time to make, but it was so much fun! I don't use expensive materials, because I'm not good enough yet! I always use off-cut mdf or chip board, which is not so water resistant, but is cheaper. Some day I want to use really good looking timber. So I'll keep making and learning and having fun. And I'm sure those experiences will be very useful for ceramics. Ohhhh...I want to get another tool!

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Little people

As I've said before, I love doing hand building. But I've also always wanted to try slip casting. So recently I made these figures to see how the slip casting would go - and they came out quite well! Mel and I decided to experiment with them....and she made them look cool!! (see below) It's amazing how different each one is. You can imagine they each have some kind of interesting story - and there is a loveliness about them. Actually, I like watching people's reaction when they look at my work. I can see the difference and similarity between them through their reactions, and a little bit of their stories. It's really interesting! I'm going to keep updating the Little People's Little Project....so stay tuned!

Sunday, 1 April 2007


Recently, my friend Yuri from Japan visited. We met when we were studying at Nara College of Fine Art. She had a great time in Australia, even though we caught a cold. That was her first time Aussie adventure. We went to the Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art and we found a lovely activity (part of kids'APT) and we tried it! These images are our results of that activity. It was easy and quick but very enjoyable! You just had to trace onto the paper some of the drawings on the table - the table was lit from underneath so you could trace easily. What beautiful artwork! There are lots of kids activities, and some you can do even if you are an adult. So please check it out!!