Friday 21 December 2007

Lovely Lights

I've been in Bris Vegas for three years now. But I'm still confused about seasons, particularly the end of the year is tricky for me because I'm from Japan - even though I know I'm in the Southern Hemisphere and I know it's summer here - it just doesn't feel like December! Recently, I went to some suburb to see the Christmas lights. This was my second time actually. And I realised that Christmas lights are really good to adjust my seasons gap. Because it's visually very Christmassy and it's dark. So I kind of got a sense that 2008 is just around the corner!

Thursday 20 December 2007


This new work is made from flour, eggs and sugar - it's called typhoon. I usually always do hand mixing when I make cakes, but this time I used a machine and I couldn't stop mixing! Machines create many interesting and complicated forms within just a second. I was so excited about it that I ended up over mixing the cream - even though I knew what would happen if I did. Next time I think I should use my hands more!

Thursday 13 December 2007

The Cup Show

The Cup Show is now on at the All Hand Made Gallery in Sydney. More than 40 Australian studio ceramic artists and international artist in that show. (including me) If you are in Sydney please check it out!!