Monday, 24 March 2008

Little people...big bellies!

The adventures of the little people keep expanding...even their bellies are expanding! Check out Sandwich Mountain and Feffakoon for an update on the latest little people news! Actualy those big bellied little people are in Japan now!

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Off to Japan!!

Recently I did a workshop for kids at GoMa. Kids are great! They were totally focussed and were very unique and very clever! I think they were much more clever than I was when I was their age. ha ha! They made some small cylinders and square boxes and they did their own decorations. I had a great time! Recently, I've been making a lot of pieces for the exhibition I have in Tokyo in April at a place called Spiral Market. I'm getting ready to send some of my work, but I still have some pieces that I have to fire so it's getting there! I'm heading to Japan's time to eat sushi and veges that grown by my grandma!