Friday, 1 August 2008

Oh baby!

My blog has been very slow lately - but that's not to say I've been lazy - I just had a lot of preparation for the new addition to our family.  On 21 July our little boy called Yuki came into our world. It has been so lovely and a little bit tiring! But we're getting used to our new life, and I'm now starting to get back to work! More on that soon.... 


Mel Robson said...

aaaaaw. Cute photo! Hope you're getting more sleep than me! See you soon. xox

Miss Dot said...

big congratulations! well done.

Kenji Uranishi said...

Thanks Mel!!
It's getting more relaxed now.
See you very soon!

Thanks miss dot we are so happy!!!

amy h said...


If you have a new little one, you have most certainly NOT been lazy!

carole epp said...

many congrats! I can't wait to get back to australia to meet all the new little ones!
Best wishes for sleep-filled nights!

Kenji Uranishi said...

Thanks amy h! I'm glad to hear that!

Hi Carole!!
come to Australia! I want to see your little one too!

handmadelife said...

Big time congrats from both of the ladies at Handmadelife on the arrival of chibbi Yuki ! YAY!
and dont feel bad about not blogging for a little while YOU"VE BEEN BUSY, if it's any consolation we'll both be missing sleep, our blog (and our studios) very soon too.

Kenji Uranishi said...

Thanks team handmadelife!
I like the sound of chibi Yuki! I'll call him that!

ruth mcmillan said...

oh my goodness now i understand! congratulations!

Kenji Uranishi said...

Thanks Ruth!
I haven't see you for a long time.
I look at your lovely work every day! ARIGATO!!

Searle said...


not sure if my first one went through?

Yippee another little boy! squeezes for Yuki, you and your partner.

xx Jo Searle

Kenji Uranishi said...

Hi Jo!!
I saw your blog, what a cute baby!!
Yuki said...It will be great to play together sometime.

Chrissy Foreman C said...

Congratulations Kenji! How wonderful!!

Kenji Uranishi said...

Thanks Chrissy!