Sunday, 3 June 2007

Mardi Lumsden

Sometimes I need to do some lovely activities apart from having fun with clay. I do drawing, eating yummy food, reading, drinking, making furniture and I also play music. Music is one of my important activities. I play drums and have a great time with lots of different people without any language barriers. Recently I've been practising with a friend of mine Mardi and her friends for her EP launch and we've been having a great time!! I had been to see her play a few times and every time, I got goosebumps! Her EP launch is happening on 10 June so if you're around in Brisbane, please check it out!! It's going to be a lovely show!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Kenji there's someone in the neighbourhood that I hear playing drums if I sit on the balcony, well I've only heard him/her twice so far but there's a retirement resort next door and think it could be one of the elder folks having a bash, wouldn't that be groovy if I'm right.

Kenji Uranishi said...

Hi Pru!!!
Thanks for the comment!!
Check this out...

My friend's brother is doing this project.
Groovy baby!!