Saturday, 10 March 2007


I went to an island not far from my house called Straddie. I had a great time! It's interesting to see the tide come and go. When I'm in the city, I never think about the tides, but staying by the bay, I watched the tides every day. If you only spend a little bit of time at the ocean, you don't notice the movements but if you spend a longer time there, it's really active. It was a great holiday and made me feel inspired to start making again. Enjoying nature is fun! Thank you Straddie and see you soon!!


tash said...

and it is so interesting that at certain times, the tide comes right in and goes right out very fast - i think it is called the neap tide. once in thailand i saw that - no it wasnt the tsuanami! - but just in one day it went in and out about half a kilometre! i love mud flats too - when you stand on the wet mud very quietly suddenly you hear all the little crabs and worms come out!

Kenji Uranishi said...

Sounds very interesting!
I want to see the neap tide.
I wonder If I can see the neap tide around Brisbane.